Blowdacious Blow Dry Bar & Salon is committed to nourishing your hair with industry leading products and techniques while also providing an escape from the daily stresses we all encounter. Blowdacious has been perfectly designed to nourish your hair and your soul at the same time!

We don’t know how to cut corners here at Blowdacious. You can feel confident that our blowouts will always last as long as possible. A major component in amazing blowouts is respecting the integrity and health of your hair. Healthy hair is beautiful hair and we will always feature products and techniques that will keep you beautiful.

Imagine skipping the time consuming task of your daily hair routine and replacing it with a stop at Blowdacious for hair, soul, spirit, and body peace of mind.

While enjoying your visit to our salon, you can put your soul at ease knowing that we ¬†use products that are environmentally friendly and that have a positive impact on the world we live in. Promoting healthy hair and a healthy world might take an extra step or two on our part, but we couldn’t imagine another way.

Lisa Luscan, Owner Blowdacious

Founded by Lisa Luscan, Blowdacious is always seeking to be the best. We are committed to education, communication, and consistency both in our work and in our lives.